Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings to Bialy’s sponsors,

Is it love? It certainly seemed that way when Bialy met Molly, our tiny new lobby cat. Molly made a visit to the Community Room on a recent afternoon, and both Bialy and Tashi were utterly captivated. Together they followed Molly in slow motion, enraptured by her every movement.

As Molly has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), she’s quite wobbly, with an awkward gait, and she understandably found this new world a bit overwhelming. It was touching to see how respectful Bialy was of Molly’s space, following her in awe without leaping on her or imposing himself on her.

We were all very proud of Bialy; this is tremendous progress for him, as he showed NO such restraint when meeting little Tish just a few months ago. Whether he’s becoming more mature or he simply realized that Molly needed some space, Bialy’s empathy was sweet to see.

Medically, our little guy is doing well, with no major news to report.

Bialy was in a quiet sleepy mode during my most recent visit. Apparently he’d had a lot of play time that morning. I did get some good shots of him lounging around and playing with a yellow mouse. He sniffed at a wand toy but decided against it.

Bialy was interested in some personal attention, being happy to accept pets and to purr for me. He has gotten a lot bigger and started to mature; he’s not quite the crazy kitten he once was.

As he grows up, thank you for continuing to care for Bialy and to make sure he gets all that he needs here at Tabby’s Place.