Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings to Bialy’s sponsors,

This month, our favorite “bobblehead” seemed a tad more wobbly, so we consulted his neurologist. He recommended that we start treating Bialy with two medications. A steroid will reduce inflammation, and a diuretic diminishes the fluid on his brain. This seems to have reduced his symptoms, so we’re hopeful that the medication alone will be enough to keep Bialy happy and comfortable.

For his part, Bialy is as happy as ever, especially since fellow black kitten Morticia (Tish to her friends) joined his life. However, little Tish was adopted on New Year’s Eve – great news for Tish, but bittersweet for her beau Bialy. Fortunately, Bialy still has his much-loved Uncle Tashi, who recently showed a visitor his ability to almost fit Bialy’s entire head into his mouth.

Bialy doesn’t seem the sort to let the loss of a playmate get him down. One of his favorite new toys is a crinkly green ball. It makes noise, and he loves to chase it around and even carry it in his mouth. You can see some of his antics in the video above right.

You never know, maybe there will be some new kitten or young cat who likes to play in his life. In the meantime, Bialy seems perfectly capable of entertaining himself given enough toys; and his room is always full of toys, including ones I’ve never seen before.

When he’s not playing, one of Bialy’s other favorite activities is sleeping and striking a Buddha pose like a sleepy jaguar, as seen in his photo this month.

Bialy’s always ready for some friendly attention as well, and he has a king size purr. He even seems to get along with Chance, who is famously grouchy. Of course, Peachy still wants nothing to do with him. But he is adored by all the humans in his life, and that seems enough for him.

Thanks for helping to care for Bialy and to give him such a happy life at Tabby’s Place.