Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Dear Fellow Bialy Lovers:

Our October update finds us with an English vocabulary lesson and a mathematics lesson:

Word #1: Bialy: a round, flat, leavened, onion-flavored roll made of white flour, having a depression at the center and a crusty bottom.

Word #2: Adorable: cute; very attractive or delightful; charming.

Word #3: Fearless: without fear; bold and brave; intrepid.

Add these three words together and what do we get? Bialy the Kitten!!
Yes, every kitten is charming and irresistible – but Bialy? I challenge anyone to be in his presence for more than, say, three nano-seconds, without falling head over heels in love!

Despite the fact that his most recent medical tests have confirmed that he indeed is suffering from a severe case of hydrocephalus (and possibly – but, fortunately, not likely – even feline infectious peritonitis [FIP]), this amazing boy runs, jumps, plays and purrs with the best of them. Bialy doesn’t know there is something “different” about him – he just knows that he’s a kitten, and he does what kittens are supposed to do — capture our hearts with their antics and cuteness (both of which Bialy exudes in abundance!).

As of this writing, we are still not sure what’s in store for our intrepid boy, but we DO know that Bialy has immeasurable spunk and zest for life – and if love can pull him through his medical difficulties, this little cat will be with us for a long time to come.

A promising future for Bialy would not be possible without YOU – our wonderful, loving sponsors who give Bialy and all of his buddies a chance to live a safe, full and happy life! Thank you for your prayers and support – and come to visit this little guy soon (but be prepared to lose your heart!)!