Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings, friends of Bialy!

Everyone’s favorite belly boy is living large (literally) in the lobby these days. Not that he’s grown up completely (or that he ever will), and not that he’s developed an opposition to being snuggled like a baby, but Bialy has become quite the independent young cat, roaming freely between the Community Room and the Lobby.

Actually, he would like a revolving door or a special “Bialy” door installed so that he could come and go as he pleases and not have to wait for an accommodating human – not that those are so hard to find.

One of Bialy’s favorite things to do in the Lobby is to hang out with fellow master eater Ike, and it’s a fun exercise in chubbiness to compare these two boys’ body shapes. For the record, Ike’s full-figured shape runs from his shoulders to his tail, while Bialy’s is (as we all know) centered on his belly. There must be something to the squish, though, since both Bialy and Ike are so adorable.

When he’s not napping with Ike on his blanket, Bialy loves for a visitor to pick him up so he can spy through the laundry room window, where the food comes from (simply waiting at the door isn’t enough anymore!)

I came in to see Bialy today and started off on the wrong foot by having my camera on my shoulder; when I tried to pick him up, the camera swung around to hit him. However, he is very forgiving and soon settled down for a nice visit. Midway through he had to visit his food bowl as you can see in the photo to the left.

Bialy still loves his belly rubs. However, watch out if you have your hand between his paws; he seems to think that perhaps you’re Tashi and it’s okay to have a nip. Still, how could any human take offense for long to someone so adorable; he’s just playing.

There’s no medical news for Bialy this month.

Thank you for your continued support. Bialy sends you his best wishes for the new year.