Update for Bialy

Update for Bialy

Greetings, Bialy Supporters!

This month, our not-so-little boy Bialy turned a big corner…and then another…and then another! After months of flirting with the idea of becoming a lobby cat, Bialy has finally taken the plunge. Now, instead of finding him waiting at the Community Room door, tremulously peeking out, you’re more likely to find him waiting at the laundry room door, since he’s noticed a lot of food coming out that way.

I found him the other day perched on a chair in Jon’s office. Geoff has had to cope with Bialy spending lots of time right outside or even worse in Jonathan’s office (as if anybody actually needs to “cope” with Bialy!). The day I was there he again expressed his displeasure at the new guy’s presence. Loudly, right in Bialy’s face.

Bialy’s also been known to dash madly about the lobby, and while it’s a delight to see him enjoying his freedom, it’s also a funny sight. See, Bialy’s legs only clear about an inch below that ginormous belly of his, so sometimes when he runs, it looks like his feet sprout directly from his stomach.

Today Bialy was curled up in a cat bed near the lobby computer. There were several advantages in this from his viewpoint. One, he was near the food, and two, he was near anyone who sat in the computer chair. This gave him an opportunity to get one of his all time favorites – a good belly rub. He also liked the idea of possibly joining me in the chair, the only problem was that he wanted to climb up there by digging his claws into my jeans. The problem was solved when I picked him up.

And while Bialy still loves his good buddy Tashi, he’s also found a new soulmate in the lobby – Ike, a fellow chubby boy who is seriously in love with food. The two of them, each a bit wobbly in his own way, spend time sitting together on Ike’s blanket, which is conveniently located mere steps from a variety of crunchy food. You can see them together in the photo above.

There is no medical news for Bialy this month, which is always a good thing. Thank you for your continued support.