Update for Bellis

Update for Bellis

Greetings to Bellis’ sponsors,

Who could possibly have a bone to pick with gentle Bellis?! Geoff, that’s who. Our newest lobby cat is finally finished with cage rest for his injured leg – see his full story here – and feeling well, restive. His first day of lobby freedom brought some scuffles with his new neighbors, from Mr. Grey to our sweet Belle. Fortunately, Bellis is no worse off for this brief altercation, and just two days later Geoff was already settling down quite a bit.

Good thing for Geoff, because when I last visited Bellis she had her dukes up! Sweet Bellis pretended she was happily saying hello and then bit me! Well it wasn’t really a bite, more of a love nibble. However, Geoff would be wise to stay away from our frisky girl. I have to admit I was initially scared a bit because I never expected Bellis to bite me, so I didn’t see it coming. So she bit and I jumped up, squealed and nearly hit my head on the ceiling. Luckily I didn’t land on any cats when I removed myself from the ceiling.

I sat back and watched Bellis from across the room and got this great picture of her playing. She really was frisky and playful. Our acrobatic girl clawed at the blanket on her chair, then did a front flip and chased imaginary mice over, under and around her chair. She then sprinted across the lobby, stopped short precisely in front of a piece of furniture and then dashed back and leapt on the chair. I watched and laughed and tried to stay out of her way. As you can see in the other photo this month, Bellis did eventually calm down long enough to sit for some photos. Isn’t our girl beautiful?

Other than the day of my last visit, Bellis has enjoyed a very mellow and quiet month. No health news is the best health news. Bellis is doing everything she needs to do while continuing to await that meant-to-be adopter. I know they are out there somewhere, and I can’t wait to meet them someday.

Thank you, wonderful sponsors, for making all of this possible.

PS: Bellis would love to see you if you should have a chance to stop by for Tabby’s Place’s annual Open House & Low-Cost Microchipping Clinic on October 9th. The Open House runs from 11 am – 4 pm, and Bellis hopes meet the sponsors who are such a big and beautiful part of her life.