Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

Dear Sponsors of Bailey,

As a sponsor of a Special Needs cat at Tabby’s Place, you will be receiving regular updates from me about your cat, Bailey. I am a volunteer at Tabby’s Place, having fallen in love with the cats, the staff and their special mission to provide a safe, clean home and the best care possible to cats whose time has run out. In my ’other life,’ I am an elementary school Spanish teacher, with 650 students.

Bailey is a new resident of the FIV+ suite. Black, with white legs and long white whiskers that stand out on his black face, Bailey is big and personable. Not only is he a large cat, but with his long black fur, he appears even more imposing. Although he is new to the FIV+ suite, Bailey seems to have taken over as top cat, robbing long-time resident, Jack, of the job.

Bailey loves to be petted on the head, but didn’t like to be touched on his sides. Although initial tests came up negative, the staff was also concerned about his health because he drank a lot of water and urinated frequently. Subsequent tests showed that he is diabetic and has an enlarged kidney, possibly due to the diabetes. His kidneys were aspirated (a minimally invasive way of obtaining a biopsy), but nothing showed up as a result. Bailey now receives daily insulin shots. When his blood sugar stabilizes, the vet will further investigate the enlarged kidneys, if the condition persists.

Lately the newest cats to the FIV+ suite have upset the other residents. Bailey and Jack were harassing the newcomers so much that the vet prescribed drugs in hopes of quelling their aggressive tendencies. For the time being, life is, again, quite mellow in the FIV+ suite.

FIV is an incurable disease that is passed from one cat to another through deep bite wounds. Humans do not get the disease. With quality food and good veterinary care, an FIV+ cat can live a normal life span.

Because of the disease, however, Bailey is less likely to be adopted out. So I will be writing to you from time to time to update you on his progress as he settles in to (with your help) a nurtured, happy life at Tabby’s Place. Thank you so much for sponsoring Bailey!