Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

Hello, Friends of Bailey,

Unfortunately, Bailey continues to worry us. His anemia has worsened & we just started him on the drug that we hope will help his body produce more red blood cells. There is a small risk of a side effect, but at this point we felt it necessary, given his anemia. We are able to administer his subcutaneous fluids without any fuss from him. If he was feeling better, he would not be so tolerant. In addition, his eating remains spotty. We put the supplement for chronic renal failure in his food, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for Bailey. He remained sleeping in the same place for several hours of the day. Steph, the veterinary technician, did blood work on him and found that his renal values were more elevated than before.

We rushed him to the veterinary hospital that we use when our veterinarians aren’t in, and they found that he has high blood pressure. We are now giving him medication to control his blood pressure, which should make him feel better. Even so, he probably doesn’t have all that much time left.

I’m sorry, I wish I had more positive news to relay. It’s so hard to watch our big bruiser boy decline. I promise to keep all of you abreast of his situation. If you get the opportunity, please do pay Bailey a visit. He still enjoys a scratch behind the ears or under the chin.