Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

I am very saddened to tell you that our handsome Bailey is gone. I was out of town when the end came.
When I returned today I had voice mail from Jonathan (the Founder & Executive Director) with the news.
As you know, Bailey had not been doing very well since he went into kidney failure a few weeks ago.
Bailey’s appetite had not been good since then, but on Friday morning the staff couldn’t get him to eat at all.
He was also very lethargic, not even complaining when they drew blood to check his kidney values.

The bloodwork showed that his kidney function was deteriorating very quickly.
They put in a call to the vet to see if there was anything else to do for him.
The vet agreed that it was time to let him go.
Bailey went very peacefully, held in a cozy blanket in the FIV Suite where he lived, surrounded by people who loved him dearly.

Sick with diabetes and enlarged kidneys when he arrived, Bailey was a very lucky cat who had been given a compassionate extension on his life, thanks to the sanctuary mission at Tabby’s Place. Once he came to Tabby’s Place, Bailey received the best of veterinary care and lots of loving attention.

He enjoyed health for many months. In that time, Bailey established himself as the number one cat in the FIV Suite, enjoying the privileges of dominance in his small world. As you know, Bailey went into decline recently, and I’m so glad for him that it was a quick ending.

Bailey was a magnificently handsome cat with lots of spirit. I will always remember how much he liked to untie my shoelaces and chase balls on a string. And he loved to get his head scratched! In the little over a year that he was at Tabby’s Place Bailey became increasingly friendlier and more comfortable with people’s attention. I grew quite fond of him.
I have enjoyed sharing updates on Bailey with you this past year and will miss him very much on my future visits to the cats at Tabby’s Place.

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We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. And, whatever you decide, bless you for your caring about dear Bailey.