Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

Happy New Year!

Bailey is up to his old tricks this month. Some of his former aggressiveness has returned. There is a new cat in the suite, Iggy – a very friendly buff-colored cat who loves to be petted (photo at right). The staff believe that Bailey’s aggression is due to this newcomer, who makes Bailey feel that he has to assert his dominance. I don’t know why, though! One look at Bailey would tell you that he is in charge. He’s big to begin with, and his long fur makes him appear massive compared to the other cats!

Medically, Bailey’s eyes are still runny, but he seems to feel fine. He has been very playful lately. Bailey still loves to chase string toys.

Since we can’t leave string toys in the suite for fear of strangulation or choking, the cats don’t become tired of them. So it’s a treat for the cats when a volunteer comes in to play with the cats using a string toy, even if it’s several times a day.

Last month I mentioned a beautiful new black female named Lucky. With all the bullies in the FIV+ suite, Lucky is still hiding up above the room on the ramp to the outdoor solarium. Lucky has the prettiest big yellow eyes, which are very round, as though she is perpetually amazed at the antics of the boys down on the ground. She still backs away from a friendly human offer to pet her. Hopefully, in time, she will come down and let the volunteers begin to socialize her.

We all thank you for your continued support of this wonderful sanctuary and the lucky cats who live here.