Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

Bailey has not been behaving himself lately. Our feline friend and his sidekick, Jack, harassed newcomer, Angus, so much and so often that the vet had to put him back on Prozac, hopefully temporarily. Prozac has calmed him down, but he has also lost some of his playful, friendly personality.

On a recent visit to the FIV+ suite, I was barely able to rouse him from his nap to even play with a feather on a string toy, usually a big hit with the boys in FIV+. Being petted was not on his agenda, however.

So far, Bailey needs more time to adjust to all of the new cats in his suite, letting each one know who’s the boss.

On the medical front, we are still having trouble getting Bailey’s blood glucose levels adjusted.
So far, he is not responding to the insulin as we had hoped.
Our vet is going to switch the type of insulin we giving him to a kind that is manufactured specifically for animals.
I will let you know how that is working in the next update.
And, of course,, we hope that he will eventually accustom himself to all his new suitemates, so that he will not need to be artificially calmed with drugs.

Once again, we thank you for your support of Bailey and of Tabby’s Place and all the lucky cats who live there!