Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

After giving the staff a scare, Bailey is doing very well these days!

Recently Bailey tested very hypoglycemic although he acted normal. When the staff couldn’t get his blood sugar regulated, they carefully transported him (he was hooked up to an IV machine) to an emergency veterinary facility in Langhorne, PA, where he stayed for two days. Strangely, the vet treatment not only improved his sugar level, but also knocked him into diabetic remission. Apparently this can happen with cats. So, at the moment, Bailey is temporarily no longer insulin dependent.

Meanwhile, a visit to the FIV+ suite found him just charming. Bailey is no longer being sedated. I have never seen him solicit so much petting and attention! My theory is that all the kind staff and volunteers who visit the cats at Tabby’s Place are softening him up and turning him into such a nice cat! From the photo, you can see that his hair, which was shaved awhile back for an ultrasound, is taking its sweet old time to grow back.

Well, maybe he’s not there just yet: He IS still harassing some of the other male cats in the FIV+ suite, including playful Buddy and sweet Jasper, who just wants to be friends with everyone. Bailey’s biggest target is big orange Arlo, who spends most of his time in the outdoor solariaum, probably to avoid the bullies in his suite!

Nuttin’, Bailey’s number 2 tough guy in the FIV+ suite, is still on medication to calm his aggressiveness. Otherwise it would be sheer mayhem in there.

Bailey and all of the other lucky cats in the suite are cats who were in desperate situations and owe their lives to Tabby’s Place. On his behalf, I thank you for your generosity in helping to defray the costs of their treatment and upkeep.