Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

This is a remote update, as I am on vacation now and have not been able to get in to visit Bailey lately.

Recently I became a foster parent to One-Eyed Jack, Bailey’s archrival in the FIV+ suite. Jack was really misbehaving. He was very aggressive, even when he was still on a small dose of the sedative drugs. He was so bad that he needed to be removed form the suite to give the newer cats a chance to settle in without being harassed by him. So the staff agreed to allow me to take Jack home on an experimental basis – a ’foster cat’ situation. I didn’t know what to expect, but since One-Eyed Jack arrived at my house, he has turned into a very sweet, well-behaved housecat. He just needed to be an ’only cat’. This fostering experiment has worked out so well that when we return from vacation we will adopt Jack!

Meanwhile I hear from the volunteers and staff that, in general, Bailey seems more content now that his rival Jack is gone. I’m told that Bailey seems to really like lying out in the Solarium this summer. There’s a lovely new garden out there, which attracts flying creatures for him to watch.

Bailey is being weaned off the sedative drugs, and we’re hoping that our vet and the staff will be able to get his blood sugar level under control…that’s his biggest problem!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Bailey. He is a real sweetheart underneath that furry, gruff exterior!