Update for Bailey

Update for Bailey

I’m sorry to relay some unfortunate news just after sending you Bailey’s March update that reported a happy, uneventful month for our boy. Last Thursday we had an emergency concerning Bailey. A volunteer noticed Bailey eating cat litter. Since we have often seen that this as a sign of anemia, bloodwork was immediately done.

Unfortunately, Bailey’s bloodwork showed that he is in kidney failure (which often leads to anemia). This is serious. Bailey was taken to the hospital Thursday evening and has remained there. Hopefully his kidney values will come down & he will be ale to come home soon to Tabby’s Place.

Assuming that Bailey pulls through and comes home (which is likely), he may need daily fluids (yikes), etc. And I was just wondering in our last update how the staff manages to medicate such a strong-willed bruiser like Bailey!

We will keep you posted on any future developments. Bailey will get the best of medical attention and loving care at Tabby’s Place.

Thank you once again for helping Tabby’s Place to take such good care of our big handsome friend. Please keep a good thought for him.