Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Hello dear Albert fans, and welcome to the wonderful world of Albert!

Albert is 16 years young. He walks on the lower part of his back legs due to neuropathy (caused by diabetes). To help control his diabetes, Albert’s meals are restricted and he’s given insulin twice a day.

When I first started visiting Albert in late October 2008, I was told he lies on low places, because of his disability. But on three occasions I have come into the room and seen Albert lying on a chair or sofa. How he got there I don’t know.

Albert likes to lay in little boxes, as you can see in the photo on his “sponsor-me” page.

I try to come twice a week to visit with Albert. When I enter the room and Albert sees me, he comes out of his box so I can pet him. While I’m petting him he will rub his face on something hard. If I stop petting him he will start meowing to continue. After he had enough petting he returns to his box or, as in this photo, he lies on the floor. Albert likes to be brushed, which is good since his hair is very dry and comes out by the handful.

At the beginning of this, Albert had some vomiting for a few days, but luckily that problem has cleared up on its own.

Thank you for sponsoring Albert and letting me write about him every month.