Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back My Sweet Albert Supporters!

The good news is, Albert is still with us!

There were times this month I didn’t think there would be a Nov. 09 Update.

Albert’s slow decline began after the Blessing of the Animals last month. Albert was acting odd, but I didn’t know why; he also wasn’t eating much.

Around three weeks later a staff member saw bubbles coming out of Albert’s nose, and he was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). He was put on antibiotics. Since Albert had lost so much weight, he was put on an appetite stimulant and subcutaneous fluids for dehydration.

During his illness, I began coming in to see Albert three times a week. It was painful for me to see Albert so ill, and I tried to prepare for the end.

But then, Albert surprised me by slowly recovering from his URI, and his appetite has somewhat improved. Whenever I visit Albert I try to get him to eat canned food. Some days he eats a lot, and other days only a few mouthfuls.

On a good note, this month our videographer made a short film of Albert, which you can see here. One of his sponsors also sent Albert a furry blanket, which Albert LOVES so much. This month’s photo was taken when Albert’s beloved fur cover was getting a much needed washing.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support of Albert through these most difficult times this month. And always until next month,