Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Greetings to Albert’s dear ones,

Angela here, Tabby’s Place Development Director, pinch-hitting for your faithful correspondent Joyce. I apologize for giving you a shock by sending a “special update.” Our sweet Albert is still alive and very much with us, but we are quite concerned about him. As the ones who love him so dearly, it’s only right that you know of all his ups and downs as they happen.

In the past week or so, all of us at Tabby’s Place have been increasingly worried about Albert. He’s been quite lethargic, and his already-spotty appetite has been particularly weak. His weight has dipped, and a set of blood tests revealed that Albert’s liver values are elevated.

This could mean one of two things. It’s possible that Albert’s brain cancer has metastasized to his liver, and is causing him to feel poorly. In a more hopeful possibility, there’s also a chance that Albert’s anti-seizure medication is causing the elevated liver values. In hopes that this is the case, we’ve decreased his dose of this medication.

While our sweet, mellow boy doesn’t seem to be suffering at all, he’s definitely not himself. His gentle personality seems a bit “muted,” and he’s spending more time sleeping, not showing as much of a happy response to affection. Some of this is due to the annoying upper respiratory infection (essentially a cold) that he and several other lobby cats are battling. But, our vet thinks it likely that Albert’s tumor is also taking its toll.

Dear sponsors, we can’t know how long our Albert will be with us. But, as we wait to see if the reduced medication dose will make a difference, we continue to do all we can to keep him happy, healthy, comfortable and well aware of how much he’s adored.

For his part, Albert seems content, if a bit quieter than usual, as he snoozes on a very special furry blanket sent by one of his kind sponsors. This morning, one of the Tabby’s Place staff members was encouraged to see Albert strolling all the way to the entrance of the Sanctuary Operations Center in search of breakfast. We will take it day by day with our boy, and savor all these good moments.

Friends, thank you for continuing to walk with Albert through his good and rocky moments alike. We will keep you posted on how Albert does in the days and weeks to come.