Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, My Sweet Albert Supporters!

The good news this month is that Albert thrives!

He is alert, active, and lets others know what he likes and doesn’t like. For example, the Volunteer Coordinator walks through the Lobby with dishes of canned cat food to give the cats in the Specialty Care Rooms. Albert will jump off his chair, running over to her, meowing, and standing there until she goes and gets canned food for him. I’ve seen this happen on two different occasions.

When the walls were being repainted in the Lobby this month, the Lobby cats were moved into the Community Room for an overnight stay. Albert made it loud and clear that he wanted no part of being in that room. He wanted to be back in the Lobby, in his chair. Albert had to be given extra attention to calm him down. I have never seen Albert this way before, but I love every minute of it, especially given how serious a condition his health is in.

Recently, there was a Tabby’s Place blog entry describing how a cat who was diagnosed with cancer and given a few weeks to live is still going strong nineteen months later. I don’t know if Albert will be that lucky. I am hoping he’ll still be around at the end of October 2009, when it will be the one year anniversary of my meeting Albert for the first time.

This month’s photo shows Albert deep in thought sitting in the newly painted Lobby.

It’s not easy taking a decent photo of Albert in the Lobby. Many times, the photos come out too dark in the background, and I’m not too knowledgable yet on how to fix these photos. I like to choose a photo of Albert where his face and eyes are facing the camera.

As always, thanks very much for supporting Albert My Love, and as always,