Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, my Sweet Albert Supporters!

When I was thinking of writing this month’s update, I thought, “not much has changed this month in terms of Albert’s condition.” Then I realized what a wonderful thing it is to report that Albert is still ok.

After all, four short months ago Albert was diagnosed with brain cancer and given a couple of months to live, which, to me, would mean two or three months. Here we are four months later, and Albert is still here and doing quite well! What an accomplishment on Albert’s part. Even the Tabby’s Place veterinarian, Dr. Collins, remarked this month that Albert has lived on and done well far longer than she would have expected at the time of his diagnosis. Thank you for helping to make this possible by caring for Albert.

I continue to visit Albert twice a week, as he lies in his chair. This month’s photo is a really good shot of Albert sitting all regal in his chair like one of the greatest cats I have met so far at Tabby’s Place.

I was concerned this month that Albert appeared to be losing weight and was not too interested in eating the canned food he was given. Luckily, someone brought in his favorite kind of dried food called Deli-something, with multi-colored pieces that Albert LOVES to eat. Albert is weighed every month, so the Tabby’s Place veterinary team is aware of any changes in his weight and can make adjustments to his diet as needed.

Albert got his name mentioned in the July 27 issue of the Courier-News as a playmate of Tashi. Odd thing is, I have never seen Albert and Tashi pay attention to each other, ever. I have only seen Tashi pay attention to the other kittens, not the older cats. But I was still glad somebody noticed Albert.

When I decided to write for Albert, I was told by a staff member at Tabby’s Place that Albert was overlooked by many people. So I observed that myself and realized how true that statement was.

The other day a new volunteer asked me why I thought Albert was overlooked. I said it’s because Albert doesn’t demand attention. He is a “come to me” cat. When I come to him, he comes alive and LOVES to receive attention, but he doesn’t demand attention like a lot of the other cats do. So then, other people just walk by Albert like he doesn’t exist. The old adage “can’t judge a book by its cover” really applies to Albert.

As always, thank you so much for supporting Albert, especially in this most difficult time of his life. And as always see you next time.

Your Number One Albert fan,