Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, My Sweet Albert’s Supporters!

Since last we spoke, Albert has experienced times of sleeping a lot. But, after he was put on a steroid to reduce the swelling in his brain, Albert perked up for some of my more recent visits. He’s also been treated with antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, which was likely also making him feel lethargic.

The last two times I’ve visited, Albert seems to be laying around a great deal. I get upset when Albert is in the “laying around” mode, and I start worrying that the end is near. I have cared for terminally ill people in the past, but this is my first experience with a terminally-ill cat. I hope that he’s just been having a few off days, but, given his condition, I worry that he’s near the end.

But, I have also had some recent happy times with Albert and his friends, which I would like to share with you.

Recently, Albert’s former roommate Tony was moved to the lobby. Like Albert, Tony has diabetes, but Tony also has a very rare and serious condition called acromegaly. Tony had been doing quite poorly, and our veterinary team feared he might not be with us much longer; so, since Tony adores both food and people, we moved him to the lobby, where he’d have all-day access to both. As an added bonus, Tony would get to be back with his old friend, our Albert.

When I visited, Tony was exploring the lobby and offices. Albert was following Tony on this big adventure, and I was following Albert. Often, Albert will perk right up when I speak to him. He’ll even start talking and rubbing against me like he did in times gone by.

On a recent visit, I went into the Community Room to find a chair to bring back out into the lobby, so I could sit with Albert. When I came back out, Albert was walking across the lobby, looking for me! He followed me right back to his chair.

This month’s photo finds Albert laying in his chair with his food bowls in the chair with him so he doesn’t have far to go to eat.

Albert is bound to have good days and bad days, and the team at Tabby’s Place is doing everything we can to make however much time Albert has with us as comfortable, love-filled and happy as possible. As always, thanks so much for supporting Albert and until next month,