Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, Albert Supporters!

Since it looks like Albert’s remaining time with us may be limited to a few months, I thought I’d tell how I first became Albert’s Special Needs Correspondent.

In October of 2008, the Special Needs cat for whom I was writing, Onyx, was adopted. Angela, our Development Director, introduced me to three cats who needed a Special Needs Correspondent. The first two cats couldn’t give me the time of day. But the third cat, Albert, was very friendly toward me.

While I was waiting for Albert to get his first sponsor, I began visiting him twice a week. I thought of how I’d write his column, and the lyrics to the George Harrison song My Sweet Lord popped into my mind. Now that Albert’s days on this earth are numbered the words take on a special meaning. I’ve decided that, as long as I write this column, I will refer to Albert’s sponsors as “My Sweet Albert’s Supporters” in honor of that song.

For the most part, since Albert’s seizures last month, every time I’ve seen him he has been very sleepy. I was told that was a result of trying to regulate his anti-convulsion medication. It can take cats several weeks to become acclimated to the medication, which tends to make them very drowsy and “slowed-down” as their bodies first adjust to it.

But, more recently, when I spoke to Albert and he became very alert, I was so happy. On that day Albert jumped off his lobby chair, went over to eat dry food, then started walking around the lobby inspecting the whole place. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he climbed up the cat steps (which were placed in the lobby to help him get up onto a soft chair) and laid down in his chair for some quality petting.

Once in a while I’d check to see if Albert had fallen asleep, but I was happy to see him wide awake, taking in all the sights and sounds in the lobby. That is a good memory I want to hold on to when Albert starts declining as a result of his brain tumors.

This month’s photo is Albert lying in his chair in the lobby. I call it “Albert’s chair,” because it’s the only chair in the lobby with cat steps. Since Albert has diabetic neuropathy in his back legs, he needs the help of these steps to get up onto the chair. (Some of his lobby neighbors, like Polly, have also enjoyed using the steps!)

As always, thank you very much for supporting Albert.

Until next month,