Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Greetings to Albert’s dear ones,

Thank you for keeping our gentle boy in your thoughts and prayers this past week. We’ve received the results of Albert’s MRI, and, while the results are worse than we’d hoped, I can promise you that Albert will have a sweet, happy and well-loved life for however much time he has left.

It turns out that Albert has two brain tumors, at least one of which is in an inoperable location and almost certainly cancerous. While there is no way to know how much longer we may have Albert with us, our vet says that it will probably be a matter of months.

Clearly, this is not the news for which we’d hoped. Since neither surgery nor chemotherapy is indicated for Albert’s condition, our job and our promise now is to keep him comfortable and happy, for as long as he’s with us.

And, I’m grateful to share, Albert does seem to be quite comfortable, and as happy as ever to receive affection. We’re carefully fine-tuning Albert’s dosage of anti-seizure medication, and there’s been a wonderful improvement in his energy and attitude as the medication makes him feel more comfortable.

Also working in Albert’s favor is his most recent move. We all agreed that Albert is utterly deserving of one of the highest “honors” a Tabby’s Place cat can get: moving to the lobby. This will mean an all-day, all-you-can-eat buffet of the yummiest cat foods – plus a steady stream of human attention from staff and volunteers who pass through the lobby all day.

In moving to the lobby, Albert joins several of our other extra-needy Special Needs cats, including Erin, Yasmine and Tashi. We all expect that Albert will love lobby living, with the extra cuddles, treats and perks that come along with it.

Albert just moved to the lobby this morning, so he’ll remain in a crate overnight as he gets used to the sights and smells of his new world. He’s already enjoyed a special visit from his beloved friend, your correspondent Joyce, and he welcomes all the visits and love he can get.

Dear sponsors, thank you for loving Albert through the good and bad news, and for helping us to always do what’s best for him. He sends his deepest purrs of affection and thanks.