Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, Albert Supporters!

Its been a down and up month for Albert. In the “down” times, Albert has only let me give him about three pets. Then Albert walks away from me to get a drink, go to the bathroom, and go straight in his box to hide. The “up” visits found Albert laying next to me for almost an hour while I petted him, brushed his hair, or talked to him.

Medically speaking, Albert’s insulin was reduced this past month, then increased later in the month. We do regular blood glucose (BG) testing on Albert, his roommate Tony, and all of our diabetic kitties, to make sure that we’re giving them just the right insulin dosage for their needs (which can change over time).

Too much insulin can result in hypoglycemia (a low BG), which can very quickly become fatal if not treated. Too little insulin leads to a high BG. That’s not as immediately dangerous, but over time high BGs can damage a cat’s organs and lead to serious complications. It’s likely that high BGs over time caused Albert’s neuropathy in his back legs. But, with regular monitoring and patient adjustments to Albert’s insulin dose, we hope to keep him as healthy as possible for years to come. For his part, Albert seems as happy and comfortable as ever.

This month’s photo shows Albert on the right, with Pirate, one of his roommates, on the left. Pirate has very limited vision; one eye was badly damaged when he came to Tabby’s Place, so our vet needed to remove it, and Pirate’s other eye has significant scarring, so his vision is poor. Despite that, Pirate is a very playful and loving cat. In this photo, Pirate is trying to play with Albert. Albert wants no part of playing, and just wants to be left alone.

Have a good month and thanks a lot for your continued support. Your kindness helps us to give Albert all the special care and love he needs.

Until next month,