Update for Albert

Update for Albert

Welcome back, My Sweet Albert Supporters!

It’s been another thriving, healthy month in Albert Land!

In the Lobby, Albert has his own chair with a pet bed on the seat and steps for him to climb into the chair. The other Lobby cats have honored Albert’s chair, until NOW.

This month, I was sitting next to Albert petting him when another cat, Mr. Grey, wanted my attention. So Mr. Grey leaped from the sofa into Albert’s chair. Albert was so shocked he jumped out of the chair and laid on the floor. After Mr. Grey got enough pets from me, he got out of the chair. But Albert refused to get back into his chair until I’d begged and pleaded with him for a half an hour.

On Saturday, October 3, Tabby’s Place had a Microchipping Clinic and Open House. The event took up the entire Lobby, so Albert and some of the Lobby cats were moved into the Apartment for 24 hours. This time Albert made out better in a different room than he’d done previously, because his chair, pet bed, and steps went with him.

During the day there was a Blessing Of The Animals out in front of the building. Albert was carried outside by the Development Director so he could be part of the ceremony. For the most part Albert was content with being held, until near the end of the blessing, when he squirmed a bit. As Albert was being carried back into the building Albert was greeted with kisses and hugs by visitors, sponsors and friends. That is a nice thing to remember.

This month’s photo is Albert lying on the chair I usually sit in, while I’m trying to take his photo.

Thank you very much for Sponsoring Albert My Love and until next month,