Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Hello all people who love Adam,

I am Sue, and I will be your correspondent on all things Adam. I have been a Tabby’s Place volunteer for five years, and I have known Adam since he first graced our hallowed halls.

Adam is a treat! He is wacky and adorable and he loves people. No, he doesn’t love people; he loooves people!!!

When you first walk into Suite C, you are greeted with Adam crawling up your leg in order to be in the best position to be hugged. Adam likes to be the center of attention. If you are not giving him your full attention, watch out. He will make sure you do.

Many people at Tabby’s Place enjoy Adam’s happy hyperactivity. Jonathan, our director, is especially amused by Adam’s acrobatics up and down the ramp in his suite. Even though his gait is a bit unusual due to a spinal deformity, Adam will race up and down the ramp with his limbs flying every which way! It is a sight to behold. Sometimes his feet get out from under him and the ramp becomes a slide. Wheee! Somehow this sliding board ramp seems to fit Adam’s personality more than the traditional purpose the ramp is supposed to serve (enabling cats to travel between the suite and its solarium).

Suite C has been on what is known as the Calm Diet for awhile now, and Adam is one of the main reasons for this. As much as he loves people, he can be very bossy and short-tempered with the cats, especially when they are competing for human attention. This magical tryptophan-enriched prescription food seems to help with this.

The other day, I witnessed a scene in which Adam had obviously rubbed one of his suitemates the wrong way. I entered the room looking for Adam, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I finally found him crouched in the litter box, with Trey standing over him in a threatening fashion. Now if you know Trey, “threatening” and “standing over” are not part of a Trey description. Usually Trey is napping and purring and wanting to be petted. Well, Adam must have really gotten under Trey’s skin, because there was much hissing and spitting coming from the animal formerly known as Trey! Adam finally got around Trey and came to me for comfort. It was somewhat amusing, because Adam is usually the one stalking the other cats. I gave Adam and Trey some love, and peace was restored once again.

Adam is a nutty but wonderful cat, and he is so grateful to you for your love and support. He wants you to know that if he were with you, he would be climbing up your leg, body, shoulder and head in order to love you in the way you so richly deserve.