Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Happy December friends!

Adam and I hope that this month of festive merry-making finds you well. Adam is excited for all of the joy that this month brings.

Our spunky boy has had a challenging month health-wise. First, Adam required multiple dental extractions due to painful lesions. Around the same time, he dropped a bit of weight, and his diarrhea worsened. We tweaked his medication, but he remained “leaky.” At this point, we have discontinued his stool softener entirely, but we’re monitoring him closely. (If past experience is any indication, he will need it again at some point.) Adam also suffered a bout of conjunctivitis, which resolved with antibiotics. At this point, our little guy’s weight has stabilized, and we’re hoping for a mellow December for Adam.

Our little sleepy sea lion seems to have perked up a bit this month. While still napping quite a bit, Adam has been more active, entertaining visitors to his Suite with great gusto. We have a lovely volunteer named Mark who spends a good chunk of his weekend visiting all of the cats. This past week he visited with Adam for the first time and discovered the love that only Adam can give. Adam was in heaven! He was snuggling, loving, kissing and climbing this lovely man. It was an absolute love-fest. It is so sweet when Adam finds someone new to charm.

I was so proud of Adam because he loved his new person without nipping or swatting. He did climb his body, but that is not a problem when there are no teeth or claws involved. Adam has come a long way over the years from the naughty little baby that he was.

Adam is enjoying some time in the cold solarium these days. He has loved watching the leaves fall and is getting ready for some snow. He doesn’t have to shovel it, so he finds it quite wonderful! Adam has many friends in his Suite and is enjoying spending time with Abe and Jimmy. They are all little tabbies with white, and it is really cute to see them palling around together.

Adam sends you oodles of holiday wishes for days of comfort and joy. He is extremely appreciative of all that you do for him and he knows that he enjoys such great medical care and the comforts of home thanks to you. Happy Holidays to you and Happy New Year!