Update for Adam

Update for Adam

Happy holidays, Adam lovers!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, and Adam is singing in tune along with the rest of the world. Our boy is happily ensconced in Suite A and doing much better.

Since our Sanctuary Associates are the front lines of cat observation/wrangling at Tabby’s Place, I polled them as to whether Adam’s behavior has improved. The verdict: he is “marginally better.” After last month’s madness, we’ll take it. Adam is, indeed, a bit less anxious (and aggressive) in Suite A.

We have at least two explanations. First, Adam has been on behavioral medication. To a lesser degree, he may also have calmed down thanks to the exit of some neighbors — particularly Mango (who happily returned to Suite C).

A few weeks ago, shortly after Adam started his behavioral medication, I went for a visit with my adorable Tabby boy. He was cra-a-zy! I tried to pet him a little, and all I got for my efforts was being hit and having Adam attempt to nip at me. Boom was not helping matters. He was running around on the floor, while Adam was lurking on the cubbies. Boom was yelling for attention. Adam was screaming at Boom and possibly at me. It was not a pretty picture! Finally I resorted to getting a feather toy and playing with both cats. Boom pounced on the feather, and Adam attacked it a bit, but Ms. Claudette and Rose seemed to enjoy it the most. I finally got Adam to spend a bit of time with the feather toy, and he did get to “kill” it, so I was pleased that at least he felt a sense of accomplishment.

The next time I went to visit Adam, he was extremely calm. I was able to pet him on the head repeatedly without “the paw” making an appearance. He didn’t try to nip at me. Adam just stood there and let me stroke his head. He didn’t make much of any sort of movement. There were no head butts, and he didn’t lean in for more petting, but at least I didn’t get injured for my efforts. I just stroked Adam’s head and kept telling him what a good boy he is. It was a very pleasant, although rather un-nerving, visit. As much as I liked this calm, pettable Adam, he seemed so different.

I went back to Tabby’s Place a few days later to check on Adam and see if the previous visit had been a fluke or if he was still a quiet and calm boy. He was. It was almost lights-out time for all of the cats, and Adam’s room already had the lights out. I snuck in to say goodnight to all of the cats in the darkened room, and Adam came right up to greet me. He rubbed against my legs, and again I was able to reach down and pet him with no complications! This is lovely!

So it is wonderful holiday news for Adam, and for everyone who loves him. While it make take a little getting used to, Adam’s reformed personality may help him get much more human attention for the better. What a great present for our boy! He is now a pettable cat, and that can only bring joy to world. Happy holidays to all of you wonderful, generous people. You are loved and appreciated more than you will ever know. Adam sends you his love, and wishes you a wonderful season of hope and happiness.