Special Update for Hobo

Special Update for Hobo

Dear Friends of Hobo,

We wish that, this month, we had happier news for you.

With heavy hearts, we must inform you that Hobo has passed away. As you know, Hobo was no stranger to chronic illnesses, and each one takes a toll on the feline body. In the last weeks, Hobo went into renal failure. Our vet team tried everything to help him pull through, but he let us know that he was done fighting and we helped him peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. He passed surrounded by many staff and volunteers who adored him.

Although the Tabby’s Place team is no stranger to loss, we still feel a little out of breath each time we feel that all too familiar ache in our hearts. Hobo, indeed, has made me breathless.

Hobo rarely asked for our attention, but he never needed to. He didn’t scoot to meet visitors first like Miss Olive or shout for love like Grecca. With his handsome-yet-scruffy looks, bold personality, and quirky attitude, he easily stole the spotlight whenever he pleased. Many a visitor came up to our front door and immediately gasped upon spotting him through the glass. Our volunteers frequently shared photos of him, remarking on his good looks and charm. The staff, of course, also loved him despite his smelly teeth, occasionally grumpy attitude, and penchant for spitting out pills.

Hobo also adored all things water. Each morning as the cleaning crew set out their supplies and buckets, Hobo would make the rounds, inspecting everything. He was found many times with his entire head in a watering can or sticking his paws in old bowls. No matter how we tried to pull him away, Hobo was not to be deterred. Hobo knew what he wanted. And Hobo was going to get what he wanted.

Although he would run away from staff members during rounds (as he hated to take his “yucky” medicines), he was never shy. When Hobo didn’t get the attention he desired, he wasn’t afraid to approach someone, jump up to them, and pat them on the arm with his paw to demand attention. He basked in love, curling his head into chin rubs and grumpily accepting kisses from *certain* humans who loved to scoop him up and give him a quick squeeze.

Even at his old and delicate age, Hobo had the attitude and spunk of a young, independent man. Hobo might not have been one to start drama, but he was known for getting into the occasionally tiff with other residents. When we brought out electronic enrichment toys for the playful cats, Hobo would occasionally plop himself down on one, patting at the feathers and fluff and trying to catch the little mice. Hobo spent many afternoons laying in his favorite hammock, but he never let his age get the best of him and would always surprise us by coming out to play when we least expected it.

Indeed, there are so many stories to tell about Hobo. My heart aches a little to know that there will longer be any more tales. I wish I could have known him in his younger years and can only imagine the antics that he and his brother Simon once got into.

“Can all that be CATNIP?”

One truth is for sure: Hobo was not homeless. Tabby’s Place was Hobo’s home. He was loved, he was cared for, and despite not always being the most cooperative patient, he loved us back. Our lobby will be a little emptier without his presence, but we take heart in knowing that we made a difference in his life.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the life of Hobo, one of the last chance cats of Tabby’s Place.

Your correspondent,
Jae (Hobo’s Foster Parent and Tabby’s Place Sanctuary Associate)

Note: Since dear Hobo has passed away, we have transferred your sponsorship to another cat in need: charming Cotton. You can read about Cotton here, and look forward to receiving your first update on him later this week.

If you prefer, you can select a different Special Needs cat to sponsor. Click here to meet all our Special Needs cats, and contact us by email if you’d like to transfer your sponsorship. Otherwise, you will receive updates on Cotton each month going forward. As always, your generous support will go where it’s most needed.

Thank you for your love and beautiful generosity to Hobo. The Tabby’s Place cats are deeply fortunate to have you in their lives.