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Special Update for Hobo

Dear Friends of Hobo, We wish that, this month, we had happier news for you. With heavy hearts, we must inform you that Hobo has passed away. As you know, Hobo was no stranger to chronic illnesses, and each one takes a toll on the feline body. In the last weeks, Hobo went into renal […]

Update for Hobo

Dear Supporters of Hobo, Once a week I show up at Tabby’s Place and volunteer in the laundry room—cleaning the dishes and litter pans and working on the laundry. I always try to find time to visit with a few of my favorite kitties. Since I’ve begun writing for Hobo, I’ve become a big fan. […]

Update for Hobo

Dear Supporters of Hobo, I’ve known about Hobo for some time. From a distance. He was Simon’s housemate—before they both came to live at Tabby’s Place.  And because I wrote for Simon every month, I was a bit curious about the unusually skinny gray-and-white kitty who hung out in the lobby. But I didn’t know […]