Living to roar another day

Living to roar another day

110618-webster-by-sydneyThe results are back.

But, more importantly, so is the lion.

img_0125First, the sub-stellar: Webster’s heart disease has progressed. As Denise put it delicately, Webby is in the “very very early” stages of congestive heart failure.

I responded to this in a measured and prudent, exceedingly adult way. Which is to say, I flipped into full-on telenovela mode, gripped my heart, stumbled backward into a wall and keened, “Is this a BIG TERRIBLE THING??!?” I began free-associating and spitting out all the names of cats we’ve lost to heart disease through the years: “Is it like Tails? Is it like Sammy? Is it like–”

“No,” Denise reassured me. “We caught it early.”

120207-webster-relaxesI then did the vocal and emotional equivalent of gripping her by the collar. “Tell me the honest truly true truth and really real reality. Could we have years? Are years a possibility? Can I reasonably hope for years? Multiple years? Twelve-month periods in succession?”

And then came the world that makes this day outsparkle anything in Tiffany’s: “Yes.”

Yes. Yes to years. Yes to hope. Yes to increased medication. Yes to the ginormous hug that Webby gave me the moment I wrapped him in my arms.

Yes to roaring back.

And yes and amen and 10,000 thanks to all of you who have called and emailed and prayed and otherwise loved Webby and me today. Our cup runneth over.

We love you. Thank You, God.

11 thoughts on “Living to roar another day

  1. Webby – don’t scare your momma like this, little one! If ever a cat were loved so totally, so completely and with such abandon, it is Webster – Angie, he is in the best care possible…from all of you at Tabby’s Place to the One Above who gives us all things great and wonderful!

  2. Thank God! I’m so grateful to everyone who took such good care of Webby! I know how much you love him. On my first visit to TP, you were kind enough to introduce me to your darling Webster. He’s such a sweet boy! The happy tears are flowing freely.

  3. Just seeing that last picture with his paw resting on your hand says it all! These precious creatures, the sweetest of God’s creations, always seem to have a way of telling us that they love us. It always makes me angry when I hear somebody say things like “It’s just a cat.” There is no such thing. They have feelings just like we do and when they give their heart (no pun intended here) to a human it is a gift that cannot be matched anywhere. I’m praying that Webster will be around for many, many more years to share his love with you, Angela. Sending head butts from Rascal, Ramone, Robyn and Reba, too.

  4. Yay! Webster is a great cat! For the years part I hope I can come to Tabby’s Place and come meet him! God does lots of things for animals not just us! Really Angela I think you should be an author someday! I wish I could vist Tabby’s Place soon to see this awesome and adorable cat! Have a great day!

    Meows & Purrs,

    Cat Man

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