The fightin’ Phillie

The fightin’ Phillie

Sweet, innocent Phillie - ha!Felis Catus family, I’m afraid I owe you an apology.

But, more seriously, I’m afraid I owe eight kittens an apology.

Phillie by DanielleRemember how I waxed poetic last week about Phillie‘s gentleness, his loving nature, and his ability to bring together three litters of kittens in perfect harmony?

Remember how I actually compared our tuxedo kitten to Nelson Mandela?

“I spoke too soon” would be a bit of an understatement.

It turns out those early moments of peace were…er, the eye before the storm.

Make that hurricane. Or cyclone. Epic Apocalyptic Monster Monsoon, perhaps?

Yes, Phillie turns out to be a fighter. Among his eight “siblings,” he is the smallest…and the most feisty wacky ferocious.

Minnow and Guppy by JessWe’ll be talking (much) more about Phillie’s tiny roommates later this week. There’s the A-Team – tabby triplets Ajax, Atlas and Apollo, plus white-with-patches Achilles – and their irrepressible, sweet-as-spun-sugar sis Minerva. Then there are the “sewer kittens” (more on that moniker tomorrow): philosophical fluffball Flounder, brave Guppy and glam-girl Minnow.

And then…then there’s naughty number nine. That’s our Phillie.

These photos don’t quite do justice to Phillie’s constant, crazed attacks on his roomies. Maybe the Philadelphia neighborhood from which he was rescued was especially rough. Maybe all he had to cuddle as an infant was a stuffed Hulk Hogan doll.Phillie giving Guppy the smackdown

Whatever makes him the way he is, Phillie is full of beans. (Not that that phrase ever made much sense to me. “Full of habaneros,” or “full of dynamite” might work. Yet beans? Beans are so inoffensive. But I digress.)

There are two “fortunately”‘s at the end of this tale. Fortunately #1, Phillie seems to have chosen exactly the right target of his Hulk Hogantude. Despite her own diminuitive size and baby-face, little Guppy fears nothing (well…I hear she’s kind of creeped-out by Christopher Walken, but that’s entirely reasonable). When Phillie heaves his 2 pounds of fury into Guppy, she gives it right back to him. It seems she’s got a few beans of her own.

Guppy playingFortunately #2 – and this is the more fortunate “fortunately” – Phillie won’t have to worry about those eight annoying roomies much longer. You guessed it: our mini-tux boy is on hold to be adopted. If all goes according to plan, by this time next week he should be whooping it up in a forever home.

And, by this time next week, eight kittens should be very grateful. As long as that Phillitude hasn’t rubbed off on Guppy…

8 thoughts on “The fightin’ Phillie

  1. He reminds me of Frankie @ Tabby’s Place West(aka Clowder House here in St. Louis) he can’t get along w/ most of the other cats or humans. I don’t think ferocious is quite the right phrase for Phillie. He’s simply too small to be ferocious. You have to be at least Nuttin’ssize before ferocious would fit. Fiercely assertive, maybe, but not ferocious

  2. So glad he’s getting adopted…yet, I hope his new family knows what they are in for…they are so cute when they’re “innocent” (hah) kittens!!! (Angela — LOVED the reference to Christopher Walken — I am still laughing out loud!)

  3. Great news on his up coming forever home, as far as the agressiveness, since he comes from Philly, you may or may not remember, but back in the 70’s the hockey team had the nickname of the Broad Street Bullies, he may be a throw back to that.

  4. I managed to get some cute videos of him terrorizing everyone in the lobby (before the move to the apartment, obviously). I just love the bad little ones 🙂 He’s got one heck of a personality and I hope he gets lots of love in his forever home!!!

  5. It’s always amusing to see a cat that small play King Of The Jungle. It reminds me of when they show baby lions and baby tigers trying to roar. So fierce and yet so fuzzy. I’m glad to hear Phillie will be getting his own forever jungle very soon. 🙂

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