Update for Zencada

Update for Zencada

Happy August to Zencada’s wonderful sponsors!

I’ll jump right into the medical news first, since I know last month’s update had us all on edge. After a stormy start to the summer, Zen is doing quite well. Her weight has stabilized, so we can drop her daily weigh-ins to weekly. We’re also doing a weekly check of Zen’s PCV, a blood test used to determine whether or not a cat is anemic. Overall, though she does still have some quiet days, Zen is much more like herself, mooching for food and meandering around the Lounge cheerfully.

In other news this month, Zencada has the distinction of being a volunteer favorite when it comes to going for walks! That’s right. You heard me correctly. Walks! Outdoors! We have an exciting new enrichment activity for our cats Tabby’s Place: the kitty stroller.

Originally thought to be used exclusively for one of our beautiful paraplegic residents, Pixie, the stroller is such a hit that we now maintain a log in which volunteers are able to sign cats in and out for jaunts in the kitty stroller. Not every kitty has this privilege, because safety is an important priority, and we need to make sure that “stroller cats” will be well-behaved and not scared of being outside. But our girl Zen was the first non-Pixie cat to go for a walk. And she LOVED it!

We all know how much Zencada loves sunshine, usually only getting to experience it through windows. Now, she is able to go on walks in the stroller and feel the warm sun on her face and the wind blowing on her fur. Since Zen is such a good girl when she’s in the stroller, she will get as many walks as she has volunteer admirers! Quite a few! I will try to get some pictures of her taking a stroller walk the next time I visit.

Meanwhile, Zencada and I hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of lazy days and warm nights. Zencada loves you so, so much, and she thanks you for being her friend. Until next time…