Update for TNR Fund

Update for TNR Fund

Happy November, Team TNR.

I hope this update finds you as snug as the proverbial bug in a rug, feasting on joy as you await Thanksgiving’s delights.

We have ample reason to be thankful at Tabby’s Place this month. (OK, truth be told, that’s the default state around here, thanks to amazing, loving people like yourself. But still, this month is special.

That’s because Delilah is special.

The black-and-white beauty you’re beholding here was hardly holding onto life a few short weeks ago. Tabby’s Place has conducted TNR at a nearby women’s prison for several years now, and although the cat colony there is mostly under control, emergencies arise.

That was the case this month, when a compassionate inmate spotted a cat in terrible trouble. Delilah, as we’d name her, was seen dragging herself along. As soon as we heard about this brave girl, we sent our staff to the prison to trap her.

It seems we were just in time. Hypothermic, ravenous, and at this point completely unable to walk, Delilah was desperately, but mysteriously, ill.

In fact, Delilah’s case was much like Tinora‘s…but the two courageous cats were found many miles apart, so there could be no direct connection. As with Tinora, so with Delilah, testing provided no diagnosis.

Delilah was able to move her hind legs slightly, but they were too weak to hold her up. Her front legs were frozen in full extension. All we could do was love her, lavish her with food (which she craved colossally), offer as much affection as she’d tolerate (considerably less than food, alas), and treat her with the same antibiotic regimen that had helped Tinora.Sure enough, Delilah took the Tinora track. She began to improve.

Slowly, Delilah regained movement in her front legs, walking haltingly at first, then with greater gusto (especially when trying to get away from us). By the start of November, she was walking on all four legs without falling, albeit in a cutely crouching posture.

And then, the greatest miracle yet: Delilah lapped up (OK, tolerated) love. Staff member Rebecca tenaciously dosed out her tenderness, and one day, Delilah leaned in, that unmistakable kitty-bliss on her face.

Just when hope was ascendant, bad news crashed in. Our vet team detected a mysterious lump on the back of Delilah’s neck. As of this update, we’ve scheduled a biopsy for next week, at which point our vet will also X-ray Delilah’s spine and spay her.

Dear sponsors, so much of Delilah’s story remains unwritten. But, thanks to you, this brave black-and-white cat will live her tale in the lap of love. Whatever she needs, she’ll get, regardless of cost. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Meantime, as you feast and love and give thanks this month, may you remember that we — feline and human — are giving great gobs of thanks for you. This world needs your kind of heart, and you’re changing the world for cats like sweet Delilah.

Thank you, dear ones!