Update for Scooter

Update for Scooter

Happy March, dear Sponsors!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Susan, and I am Scooter’s correspondent (and biggest fan). I will be bringing you the latest and greatest information and stories about our boy, delivered directly to your inbox each month.

I have been working with Scooter for a while now, and I am thrilled that this extraordinary soul gets an opportunity to be in the spotlight. I asked him what he thought about all of this excitement and I received his signature–and menacing–hiss in response. No worries, though… that is just his way. I know he was jumping for joy on the inside.

As you come to know Scooter, you will learn that he may be shy and standoffish, but he has a great big heart–though he is not terribly willing to admit that to us human folk.

Scooter came to Tabby’s Place in the summer of 2006. Some insightful people at a north Jersey animal shelter picked Scooter up as a stray, saw his special-ness, and ensured his future by arranging a home for him here at Tabby’s Place.

Since then, our now 12-year-old Scooter has been a resident of Suite A (better known as Suite Awesome). This suite is home to several challenging personalities, and Scooter’s is no different. But, as you will learn through his stories, he loves his feline friends and is the glue that helps keep this motley crew together. He is even known for being a bit of a Casanova among the ladies in the suite. ❤ ❤ ❤

Sponsors, I am so looking forward to sharing with you all of the who’s who, what’s what, and ins and outs of Scooter and his buddies in Suite A. Thank you so much for sharing your love and generosity with him; he is a very gentle and deserving boy! (You can also add lucky to that list now that he has sponsors like you)!