Update for Scooter

Update for Scooter

Happy July, dear Sponsors!

Last month, Scooter’s tale told of a suspected case of arthritis. Unfortunately, his saga continued this past month as he graduated from limping around to hopping around–unwilling to put weight on his left hind leg.

With the development of his three-legged travels, arthritis no longer seemed to be at the heart of Scooter’s recent health concern (although it was the obvious place to start, considering his age and due to the unclear x-rays that were obtained from his uncooperative behavior).

So, Tabby’s Place staff leapt into action, yet again, to further probe into Scooter’s ailment. Another set of x-rays were taken, this time with him sedated, in the hope of finding the root cause of his hobbling, Long John Silver impression.

Armed with a readable set of x-rays, the arthritis diagnosis was officially taken off the table. It was discovered, however, that Scooter is harboring a tissue mass behind his left knee. I had the opportunity to speak directly with the Tabby’s Place veterinarian, who said that it is very oddly located, hiding around and within the muscle. An aspirate was taken of the mass, but it provided no new information that might help determine an obvious course of treatment.

For now, the mass is being monitored weekly. Scooter is also on pain medication to help keep him comfortable while we watch and wait to see what more might be revealed about this mysterious mass.

Sponsors, Scooter is sending you a great big thank you for your generosity, especially now, as he requires extra medical care. Our boy may be shy on the surface but deep down I know his heart is bursting with gratitude and appreciation for your love and support.