Update for Scooter

Update for Scooter

Happy April, dear Sponsors!

Everything has been status quo for Scooter this month in his haven of Suite A. These past quiet weeks afford me the opportunity to tell you a short story.

When I first took on the assignment as Scooter’s correspondent, I delved into his Tabby’s Place file to see if I might glean further information to share with you about our boy. Nothing terribly enlightening came from that pursuit, but there was a notation in the paperwork, left by the shelter from where he came, stating that he enjoyed licking baby food off their fingers. Sponsors, if you were watching me as I read that little tidbit, I am sure you would actually see a light bulb spontaneously appear above my head.

Cut to me standing in Suite A with a jar of chicken baby food. I have made some good headway with Scooter over the years, but to have him lick baby food from my fingers would be another cool milestone. I climbed the ladder to the ramp where Scooter and his cronies were lounging. With excitement in my heart for what was to come, I put the jar of baby food under his nose so he could bask in its familiarity. Upon his initial inhale, he cringed backwards in distaste of the scent. WHAT?! That’s not how it was supposed to go down!

The funniest part of this story is that, for a moment, I was the best friend to just about every other cat in that suite (even tough-as-nails Gorgonzola) as they all took turns enjoying a portion of Scooter’s rejected treat. Despite his roommates’ zeal for baby food, Scooter remained obstinate and uninterested. So much for nostalgia.

Scooter does have a bit of a stubborn side to him, and I have to wonder if he knew exactly what I was up to and reacted in such a way to remind me of who has the upper hand in this relationship. 🙂

Dear sponsors, chicken baby food may not be the way to soften Scooter’s heart, but I do not doubt that your love and support will do the trick. We are both so very thankful for you for taking this boy under you wing.