Update for Sammy

Update for Sammy

Dear Supporters of Sammy,

I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks ago when I happened upon a post from Tabby’s Place’s Director of Volunteers, Karina.

Puzzle, Sammy’s sweet and very constant companion—ever since Max had passed away—had taken a turn for the worse. Puzzle had been suffering from cancer, which had gone into remission for a number of years. Lately, the cancer had returned. Two weeks ago, it was time to send Puzzle over that sweet Rainbow Bridge, as a friend of mine calls the passing of all her animal friends.

The news was hard to take. I’d grown very fond of Puzzle. I loved to see Puzzle and Sammy cuddling together every Monday when I’d visit. He was such a perfect companion for Sammy—loving and accepting of her very shy personality. They made such a perfect pair in their window box. I flipped through the many photos I’d taken over the past year or so, noting how many of them showed the two of them so close together, you couldn’t tell one from the other. So often, when you showed affection to one, the other would pop up out of nowhere, demanding a co-equal amount of affection. In fact, Ginny, who works in the Community Room, forwarded me a sweet photo of Sammy and Puzzle together, which I’ll share here.

But, most of all, my heart broke for Sammy. She wasn’t in the window box, as usual, when I visited the next day. She was curled up by herself. I went over to give her my condolences, reminding Sammy, as well as myself, that Puzzle had a wonderful life here at Tabby’s Place, filled with love, surrounded by people and cats who cared. I have to admit, I stayed a little longer with Sammy, hoping to ease the ache she must feel at losing such a good friend.

I asked Ginny how Sammy was doing, and we speculated on her future. There’s a very sweet tuxedo cat named Tux, with whom Sammy is friendly. Maybe they could form an alliance when Sammy feels better. Just a week later, I heard that Sammy and Tux were seen in the window box together, a good first step, so that made me feel better.

As always, Sammy and I thank you for your continued generosity to Tabby’s Place. We look forward to the warmer days of spring.

Your correspondent,