Update for Sammy

Update for Sammy

Dear supporters of Sammy,

Even I was a bit confused this month! It seemed that every time I entered Adoption Room 1, there was a brandy new tabby to meet and greet. But I’m not complaining. Through it all, Sammy has seemed just as calm as could be. Let me explain.

First, Galadriel was adopted. As you can imagine, whenever a kitty finds a forever home, it’s cause for celebration. Sammy seemed to take the change in roomies in stride, though.

Then two more kitties entered the scene: Sparkly, who they tell me is afraid of people; and Leila, who was adopted as a kitten in 2008, but returned to Tabby’s Place just recently.

Leila immediately commanded the window seat that overlooks the lobby. This had long been Max‘s favorite perch, but Max amazingly yielded to Leila.

Through it all, Sammy has seemed unperturbed. I caught her napping oh-so-sweetly in her cat tree, but when I sauntered over to do my usual petting, she awakened, leaned into my hand, began purring, and enjoyed the attention.

On another visit, I found Sammy lounging on a chair. Not long ago, she would have scurried away, heading straight for the cat tree, her safe place. But this time, she gazed up and watched me approach, which I did slowly. Again, Sammy purred and leaned into me when I petted her. She seemed to be saying with her purrs that all was right with the world.

I consider this major progress. This is a new Sammy in my opinion. Even the entrance of two new kitties hasn’t shaken her confidence!

Fingers are crossed that Sammy’s new approach to life continues.

As always, Sammy and I thank you for your continued generosity. Enjoy what promises to be a beautiful fall!