Update for Sammy

Update for Sammy

Dear Supporters of Sammy,

I wish I could say I’ve stopped being surprised by the unlikely pairing of Sammy and Max, but I’m as surprised as ever. I’ve caught them several times sitting so close together, one can only surmise it must be love. They seem to truly enjoy each other’s company. I’ve seen Sammy scoot by Max on her way to a chair or the perch to look out onto the lobby, and Max hardly seems to mind. Sammy was so shy, and that is the miracle of their relationship — that she trusts him enough.

Now we hear another story that is equally surprising. Sherpa — described by one staff member as “fancy, five pound Sherpa” — has, for no apparent reason, on various occasions, raised his dainty, hairy paw and swiped either Max or Sammy in the head.

Now, in my house, when one cat swipes at another, it usually means the other cat will swipe back, and then we could be in for more serious swiping.

But not in this instance. It seems that the love that has enveloped Max and Sammy — my theory, of course — has spilled out into other aspects of their lives. Rather than swipe back, Max and Sammy simply walked away. And, if I were handing out bonus points for good behavior, I’d give 20 points right there to the two of them.

As always, Sammy and I thank you for your generosity to Tabby’s Place. Enjoy the lovely weather we are having!