Update for Rose

Update for Rose

Dearest Friends,

Not many li’l black-and-white southern kitties I know have had as many health challenges as I have recently.  Heck, not many humans have had this many challenges!  To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite movies Dirty Dancing, “Nobody puts Rose in the corner!”  You know me well and know that I am a fighter.  I might be petite, sweet as sweet tea, and welcome belly rubs, but I will fight for my health like a tiger.  I am blessed and so grateful to have you with me as my sponsor.  Please know from the bottom of my heart that your love and support are the best medicine a southern belle can have!

My correspondent has been spending many extra hours with me.  Sometimes she sits next to me and strokes my paw and shares stories of our adventures these past 8 years.  The other day she brought me a smorgasbord of culinary treats, foods that comforted me 4 years ago when I was ill.  My choices were tuna fish, rotisserie white meat chicken, scrambled eggs with cheese, and, of course, lickable treats.  Tuna fish and chicken were my favorite.  The tricky part of receiving treats in the lobby is that my dear roommates are basically snack vultures.   My correspondent tried the “distraction method” and gave the lobby cats treats.  The challenge is that my lobby pals consume their treats in a nanosecond and are back for more!

I have had a few humans (and felines) ask me what my conditions feel like.  It feels like having a migraine all the time.  Please don’t worry, as my neurologist has a treatment plan in place that includes several long-term medications, including pain meds.  The Tabby’s Place vet staff is always by my side, making sure that I am comfortable and loved.  One of my favorite expressions (passed down from my mama) is that “my glass is always half full.”  Well, it is, paws crossed—I have shown some improvements recently.  In the beginning, I used to hibernate in a hiding spot in the lobby, under one of the tables.  I was not feeling good, and resting was comforting.  I perked up when a staff member gently held me, and my correspondent and her volunteer friend changed all my hiding spot bedding, so it feels so clean and fresh.  My mama always said that a clean bed has a happy sleeper.

I like to talk about improvements.  I have started coming out of my hiding spot to receive love and affection in the open lobby.  I have been taking walks and staying out for longer periods of time.  I even started following the feeder volunteers around (a very good sign!).  I have been resting in open crates instead of just in my hideout.  When my correspondent was volunteering the other day her heart melted, watching me walk around, and I settled into a cat bed in Valerie’s crate.  Sweet Valerie watched over me so that no one would disturb my rest.  I saw tears running down my correspondent’s face and a big smile.

Since you received a medical update from my correspondent, I did not want to repeat my Health Update this month.  I am so proud of the vet staff, and how they always care for me, and all the Tabby’s Place cats.  The staff observed that one of the medications that I am given for daily pain was not enjoyable—it made me hyper salivate.  They switched me to an injectable medication, which is so much better.  I thank my lucky stars for having so many people and cats who care about me.  I will fight for my health and am ready to conquer this next chapter in my life.

Sending you my fall favorite:  caramel apples with whisker kisses!

(With help from your correspondent, Ilene)