Update for Newman

Update for Newman

Hello and Happy 2019!

I am writing this month hoping that all of Newman’s sponsors enjoyed a lovely holiday season with family and friends!

Our furry boy Newman enjoyed having all the cousins over to his house for Christmas. Of course, he didn’t shy away from new people as some cats would. He made sure to walk over each lap and snuggle up in each sleeping bag. He is a cat who loves the company of people as many of you know. The two pictures I included are examples of that. He even waits anxiously for us by the door when we go to use the bathroom! What can we say? He’s our best bud!

On the health front, there is thankfully no new major news to report. Newman’s hair has now completely grown back into a soft full coat, although he only continues to have one whisker on his left side, which is quite funny!

I again want to thank all of Newman’s loving sponsors from the bottom of my heart. You mean everything to him and continue to allow him to live as much of a healthy and happy life as possible. Thank you!


Newman’s loving Forever Foster Mom,