Update for Mary

Update for Mary

Dear amazing Mary sponsors,

Welcome to the first update on Mary, our sweet, beautiful and affectionate girl kitty!
This gentle, stub-tailed fur ball has enjoyed a summer of good health and lots of attention from a host of volunteers who find her more than willing to lavish them with love.

I typically find Mary in one of three places when I arrive in her suite: 1) curled up in a comfy cat bed on the first level of the elevated portion of the cubby structure, 2) curled up with other cats in a long and low cube on a plush blanket or 3) playing her “comfort buddy” role with Chewbacca, a super shy suitemate, shoulder to shoulder way up in the top corner ramp area.

Though she loves her naps and comfort buddy duties, if there is a string toy in sight, she will quickly relinquish her spot in the kitty bed or abandon her buddies to charge into the arena for play time! We all know that some cats are natural comedians who make you laugh out loud at their antics. Mary is one of them. Her passion and energy for playtime knows no bounds. She will, without reservation, jump over or zip around other cats or muscle them out of the way with her tiny frame, her sole focus being the feather at the end of the string. I never would have guessed she was such an acrobat until I saw her tumbling act—all kitten-like and quite adorable!

Some new wand toys with flying butterflies really grab her attention. Of course, her suite mates also want in on the action so I find myself taking in two or three wand toys and trying to manage the multiple flying cats so as to avoid mid-air collisions!

Over the course of these updates I will share with you a bit about Mary’s suitemates. First, let me introduce you to two of the other sweethearts who share the space with Mary. Pepita and Rose are also gentle girls with winning personalities who spend the majority of their time in the solarium. The solarium provides an outside view and lots of fresh air. On any given day, even in the wintertime, nine times out of ten you will find Pepita and Rose hanging out there.

There is most exciting news in Mary’s suite this month — a new world of solarium structures donated by a generous volunteer for each of the solaria! This “city” of multi-tiered cat climbing platforms is pure joy for those who hang out in the solarium. I haven’t yet seen Mary out there but once Pepita and Rose tell her all about it, maybe she will decide to venture out for herself. I will keep you posted.

There has been a lot of adoption activity taking place in Mary’s suite. A recent newcomer, all black and handsome Ward, was adopted quickly. Nigel, a wonderfully loving kitty who joined Mary’s suite was also recently adopted. Two more shy kitties, Ditto and Dratini, who were comforted in their early days by Mary, are also on hold for a forever home together. Many of these fur babies have less severe issues than Mary and it is delightful to see so many adoptions happening from this suite.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen as Mary’s correspondent and look forward to bringing you the latest news about Mary each month. I wish I could send all of you a cape to thank you for your superhero-sized devotion to our sweet girl!