Special Update for Mary

Special Update for Mary

Welcome to February, my beloved sponsors!

May I help you, Adam?
We are feeling the wicked winter chill here in NJ this month. Our area got over a foot of snow this week! I think this is the most snow we have had in years and years. It is so beautiful and fluffy white that it looks like a cloud has landed in our backyard. Part of me wants to run out there to leap and frolic in it, and part of me wants to stay curled up in a warm bed instead.
Actually, lately, almost all of me wants to just stay in bed. My month started out like normal, and I recovered well from my dental procedure. But a little while ago, my human friends here noticed that I was not acting like myself.

My super fantastic vet team sprung into action immediately, of course! They checked me out, and found that I had lost a bunch of weight quickly. Then they discovered that I had developed a very nasty urinary tract infection (UTI) that was backing up to my kidneys. They knew that they had to take the strain off of my kidneys right away, so they began treating me with extra fluids to hydrate me and antibiotics to fight the infection.

Rose & Mary, BFFs

The vets used a long medical word for what I have: pyelonephritis. Say that five times fast, I dare you! It’s basically a fancy technical term to describe a UTI that is damaging the kidneys. I have had UTIs over the years, but this one is extra nasty and mean. Of course, UTIs are never fun…but I have been feeling downright sick for the past week or so.

But, thanks to you, my medical team is doing everything in their power to get me back to my happy-go-lucky self. I get to take trips to the Hospital here at Tabby’s Place to get all of my fluids and medicine, which would be a fun change of scenery if I wasn’t feeling so yucky.

At one point, I even had to sleep in the hospital! I tried to be a big girl and snuggle up all by myself, but I missed all of my cuddle buddies.

Mary in hospital.
I promise that I am trying my best to stay my “sunshine-and-smiles” self, but I need all of the good vibes that you can muster. And, please see below for a note from my dear friend Denise, Tabby’s Place’s Senior Vet Tech.
With much love,
Mary (with help from my correspondent, Florie)

A note from Tabby’s Place’s Senior Veterinary Technician, Denise: The reason you are receiving this update ahead of schedule is because Mary’s condition has continued to decline, and we want everyone who loves her to know what she is battling right now.

Unfortunately, despite three full days of IV fluids and antibiotics, Mary’s kidney values have not improved, but actually worsened. Our medical team tried to insert another IV catheter, but Mary’s veins will not hold it, and the treatment wasn’t improving her kidney function.

So instead of caging Mary and keeping her attached to needles, we are treating her with oral antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids to keep her hydrated. The UTI is gone, but the damage to her kidneys remains.

The medication that we started for Mary’s anemia is helping a bit, and she seems happy to be back in her room with her friends. We are gravely concerned, so we are giving Mary all the love we can, for however long she is with us.

These are the times when medically you feel defeated, but I know in my heart that Tabby’s Place does everything for these cats, while also respecting them by not going too far. Mary is just such a sweet girl, and it is hard to watch her fade. Please send her lots of love and good vibes. I wish I had better news.