Update for Mary

Update for Mary

December has arrived, my beloved Sponsors!

I hope that you are safe, healthy, and warm wherever you are. Hmmm… those just happen to be three of my favorite adjectives, and they are all true for me this month. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, I live in a cat sanctuary… which is probably one of the safest places on earth for a kitty like me. Thanks to our super-fantastic vet team, the wound on my rear end is healing nicely and I’m feeling better. And as you read this, you can rest assured that I am cozy warm in a soft, fluffy bed… snoozing away with one of my besties at my side. There is never enough snoozing, don’t you agree?

However, I have been gaining quite a reputation these days for unexpectedly quick action. Many humans have seen me spring into action whenever there is a toy to play with, but lately it has been all about the treats and STROLLER RIDES!!! Folks may not see this side of me often, but I am a girl who knows what she wants and I am not afraid to ask for it. Like recently, when one of my human friends brought treats to me and my roomies, I was quite bold. I made sure to get my share… and to be honest, maybe a little more than my share! I mean, who doesn’t want as many treats as possible? I do try to remember to allow my roomies to get some too, but they are just so yummy that I kind of lose my furry grey head a little. And with the weather getting colder, a kitty has to pack on a bit of extra fluff to get her through the winter, right?

Thankfully, the chillier temperatures have not daunted our dedicated volunteers from visiting and taking us on stroller rides. Have I mentioned how much I have grown to love stroller rides??? A volunteer recently said that I deserve the “Best in Enthusiasm” award for my behavior when she arrives in our suite with a stroller. As soon as I see that a stroller ride is up for grabs, I immediately run down from the top of the ramp to beat my roomie Adam to the bottom. Sometimes I even give him a bit of a hip check to make sure I stay in front of him as we race to the open stroller. Hey… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Stroller rides are no joke, people. Adam is fast but I am faster! I swear, the sight of that stroller just brings out a competitive side of me that I didn’t know I had. But I am okay with it… sometimes even us nice girls gotta speak up for what we want, ya know?

I even wrote a poem about my stroller rides with help from one of our fabulous volunteers. Do you want to hear it? I’ll include part of it here as my holiday gift to you.

MARY here!
I was so shy and tentative about getting into the stroller when I first started walking.
Now, I run the minute I see the stroller enter the suite!
NOT in the other direction, but TOWARDS the stroller.
You think I can’t beat Adam to jump in when a human opens that stroller lid?
Watch me!
I love to sit in the garden, and watch the birds and butterflies.
I also like to “cat-chat” with my driver, so make sure you sit down, too, so we can converse at face-level. I like to look at you.
I have Volunteer Curbside Assistants ready to put me in my coach for a ride!
Won’t you come out someday soon, and be my driver?

My correspondent said that I have a future as a kitty poet. What do you think? When she and I chatted this month, she told me that a COVID vaccine is on the horizon. I can’t imagine how relieved the humans will be when they can be out and about with each other again. I know this holiday season feels super weird, but let’s cross our paws that by this time next year, the world will be back to normal.

And please know that especially after this inexplicable year, I am even more grateful for you and your sponsorship. You are the reason that Tabby’s Place can help kitties like me, who need a bit of extra special care sometimes. I hope that you enjoyed the video that I sent recently as an extra thank you for everything that you do for me. I’m so glad you got the chance to meet Denise, who heads up our super fantastic vet team here.  She is my heroine and I just adore her.

My dearest, most special humans in the world… I wish you only health and happiness to close out this year and to begin a brand new one. Can you believe it will be 2021 by the time I write my next update to you? In the meantime, please remember that I love you with all of my furry grey heart!

Until next month, be kind to one another.

(With help from your correspondent, Florie)