Update for Luna

Update for Luna

Dear Sponsors of Luna,

I wish I could tell you first hand what antics our girl has been up to this past month, but sadly this frustrating but necessary quarantine continues.  What I can tell you for sure is that she has been up to ‘antics.’  It’s just who she is and in her nature.  So, so curious is this petite little girl.  My personal ‘term of endearment’ for her is Looney.  She keeps you smiling if not outright belly-laughing!

What I also know for sure even without being in her orbit this month is that she is missing her admirers like crazy.  Oh, how she loves attention.  And I, of course, like nothing more than to play with her (she never tires) and shower her with all the attention I can.  OK, you could say I spoil her…but that’s who I am!  And I so miss being able to do that and look forward to when the world opens up so I can get back to the business of spoiling little Looney.  In the meantime, you can check out the video posted on Tabby’s Place Facebook page to see our girl live! Luna’s video 

On the medical front, Luna continues to delight yet mystify.  Our super-duper vet team continues to adjust her medication regime in hopes of finding the perfect balance. Her face has improved since her last allergic relapse (as you can see in the attached photo).  She is having a full blood chemistry workup as she had some high levels that could be tied to allergies, or there is always the possibility she could be fighting off some other infection. Her appetite remains stable and hardy, though.

Hopefully, by the next update, I will be able to give you a first-hand account of a visit with Luna.  In the meantime, thank you ever so much for continuing your support for this beautiful girl.  Stay safe, be well, and let’s all focus at the light at the end of this long (quarantine) tunnel—I think that light may be the Moon (aka La Luna).

Your correspondent,