Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear Kitten Fund friends,

Do you remember last year’s fearsome Polar Vortex? Well, compared with the current deep freeze that we are enduring, that seemed positively balmy. At least we haven’t had the unending snow storms that seem determined to bury New England.

As for those of us at Tabby’s Place, it seems we are in the calm before the sweetest storm of all: kitten season. As of this writing, Tabby’s Place is home to just a few teenagers, including sweet tortie Sriracha, in hospital recovering from an upper respiratory/gastrointestinal goo double whammy, and tilty-headed teenager Zoey (pictured here), who has had quite a journey with us already. We’re starting to feel the inklings of hope that warm weather will return before too long, and we all know that means the little ones will be coming — and we’ll be ready.

Since we’ve been so kitten-bereft lately, I’ve gotten to give Zoey some more undivided attention than usual…that is, if you can consider doting on Maggie, Bonnie, and Colleen at the same time as Zoey undivided. For a while, though, Zoey wasn’t terribly interested in my friendship. That’s not entirely surprising, given that she was poked and prodded and de-polyped so thoroughly when she first arrived. It’s taken a bit of time and patience, but that’s one of our specialties, after all. And Zoey has decided to embrace all the love we can offer her!

Just the other day (as I was petting Maggie, who was napping atop one of the Community Room tables), Zoey leapt to the tabletop and writhed her way into a kitty bed with the most adorable series of “mewp?”s. She blissed out as I scritched her head and neck, squeezing her eyes tight in delight. Actually, only one eye closed all the way – her droopy eye is still coming around – but the intent was clear. Zoey loves people, particularly people who love her!

We’re still catching our collective breath after last year’s record-setting kitten season, and we’re already looking forward to a new batch of babies this year, but in the meantime, it’s a delight to slow down and revel in the absolute delight of Zoey’s love. All the Valentine’s cards in the world are no match for a head butt from this sweet girl.

Thank you, as always, for your wonderful support of the kittens at Tabby’s Place. Zoey, especially, sends a special thank you! Mewp!