Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear Kitten Fund friends,

Everyone needs friends, and little Lucas is no exception. Due to a flurry of adoptions and the slowing of Kitten Season, Lucas found himself the sole “baby kitten” at Tabby’s Place.

We couldn’t bear to leave him all alone in the Kitten Suite, so we moved teenagers Matlock and Cheddar over to keep him company.
Google and Bing also joined the gang in the Kitten Suite, so there was once again a full complement of cute, which is as it should be.

Unfortunately, this is Tabby’s Place, and much as we wish all would be simple and joyful for our little ones, it sometimes takes a while to get there. Cheddar has had to spend some time in hospital to deal with his recurring epileptic seizures. And there was some early concern about Matlock bullying baby Lucas. The boys seem to have worked things out, though – I’ve heard that Lucas will actually play with Matlock’s tail, and his bigger buddy will allow it.

Lucas wasn’t in a playing mood when I stopped in to see him last week, though. Google and Bing had just moved in the day before, and Lucas was being a bit territorial about the suite. Poor Google and Bing were curled together in a kitty tube, comforting each other and trying to relax. Google let me pet him a bit, but that sent Bing scurrying away from my big, scary hand.

As he worked his way under some of the room’s cabinetry, we all heard little, fierce hisses coming from none other than Lucas! I had upset the balance by daring to be friendly to the newbies; once I scooted back away from them, Bing sneaked back to his shelter and Lucas calmed down.

I’m hopeful that the boys have made friends by now, or at least Lucas is over his hissy fit! Not that we want him to be cranky, but a month ago he wasn’t very willing to express himself at all, so I suppose it’s good that he’s finding his voice? At any rate, I’ll be sure to let you know if there’s any more drama next month…though the best ending to the story would be that they’ve all found their forever homes by then. In the meantime, we’ll love them all to bits!