Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Happy July, Kitten Fund friends!

The many, many kittens of Tabby’s Place took center stage in late June for our annual Kitten Shower. And it should be no surprise, given their cuteness, but we were amazed that every single kitten was put on hold…well, except for little Katerina. That’s no fault of Kat’s, as she’s as adorable and sweet as any kitten that ever mewed (including her own siblings, who were all spoken for).

To add insult to injury, a few days after the Shower, Katerina was diagnosed with a heart murmur. We’re continuing to investigate this, and we hope it’s nothing serious, but it will make it more difficult for Kat to be adopted. Fortunately, she has a home at Tabby’s Place as long as she needs – thanks in no small part to your wonderful support.

Kitten Season continues to roll on at ridiculous speed, with new faces arriving almost daily, so even though the Kitten Shower was a rousing success, we’ve got a whole new cast of characters to fall in love with. I met little Lancelot just the other day, who was getting a visit from his foster mama. He hissed at me when I first said hello, to which I replied,”you don’t really mean that, do you?” Lance’s mom concurred, remarking that he’s still a bit timid, and if I’d just give him a few minutes, he’d be purring and rolling around for me. And what do you know? There he was, purring and rolling around for me. I predict a super happy home for him, and soon.

I also got to (sort of) meet Enchilada and Finn, who were brand new babies getting their intake exams. Enchilada’s was unremarkable enough (except for extreme cuteness!) that she was whisked off to a foster home before she’d even settled in. Finn, however, wasn’t very happy. She arrived in a trap (following siblings Scuba, Snorkel, and Tank), and she was acting pretty darn feral. A fierce personality might not be the root cause of that, however, because as the vet staff was finishing up, they noticed a bleeding wound on her neck. Finn was whisked off to the hospital to get it checked out – no foster home for her just yet.It turned out that poor little Finn was infected with a cuterebra, which is a totally disgusting parasite that had made a home in her neck. Luckily, the infection is easily resolved by careful removal of the critter in question, which the vet staff did on the double. Hopefully, with that unpleasantness behind her, pretty little Finn can begin to lose her feral ways.

It’s never a dull moment once the year’s crop of kittens begins to arrive, as you well know! Thank you ever so much for your generous support that helps us care for each and every little kitten that comes to Tabby’s Place.