Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear kitten friends,

Can you feel it? The tension, the suspense? Yup, that’s the ginormous wave of little cuties we all know is just now cresting – the Kitten Season tsunami is coming!

In the meantime, we have our first little family of 2016 already. Chloe and her kittens — Gardenia, Orchid, Heath and Cosmos — were trapped as part of a local TNR project. Mama Chloe (pictured below with the little ones) is doing a stellar job with her newborns, though she’s not terribly thrilled about our interventions. We don’t blame her, though; apparently she’s managed at least six (six!) litters quite nicely on her own through the years, and she didn’t ask for our help this time around. Fortunately, Chloe and babies are all doing beautifully — and Chloe’s mothering days are happily numbered, since we’ll spay her once the kittens have grown.

While Chloe’s kittens are fortunate to have their mom on the premises, little Armand (pictured at right) came to us as an orphan. Found near a deceased sibling, Armand needs all the help he can get — and he’s got it, thanks to one of our fabulous foster “moms,” staff member Karina. The dedication of our staff and volunteers in caring for these little ones is absolutely inspiring, and Armand is in the very best place he could be.

Meanwhile, back in the Tabby’s Place kitten room, little Whitney, Whoopi, Tina, Louie, Ellen, Ferret, Gopher and Chinchilla continue learning to trust us. The last three are siblings of little Badger, whose second adoption has stuck (yay!) His siblings are more timid than he was, though, so we’re giving them all the time and love they need to come around.

Tweeners Pasha and Kaycee are charming everyone who enters the Community Room these days, which is so nice to see. Wasn’t it just an update or two ago that Kaycee wasn’t even sure she wanted to be touched? And now she’s a charmer? It’s so wonderful to see what progress our kittens can make with the right attention and care.

And of course, you are such a big part of that attention and care. The next few months are going to be another kitten-hued adventure, and who knows how many little ones we’ll have the chance to meet. What we do know is that with your support, we can give the very best to each of them for every moment that we get to be together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!