Update for Frankie

Update for Frankie

Greetings, Frankie Fans!

Ready for another update on our very own Chairman of the Board?

Medically, we are delighted to report that Frankie has enjoyed a month of stable good health. So far, he has not shown us any major medical issues, and we’re hoping that will continue for a long time.

Socially, there’s been some upheaval in Frankie’s life, but we believe that might turn out to be beneficial for him. You’ll remember that Frankie has a track record of going after other felines, often for no apparent reason. And, as I explained last month, Tabby’s Place is fortunate enough to be able to move cats around when it’s necessary. So Frankie is now living in our lobby, instead of in the Community Room.

Our hope is that the lobby residents will prove a better mix for Frankie, but only time will tell us if that’s true. In addition, the lobby will provide the maximum amount of human interaction for Ol’ Blue Eyes, something we feel he might have been missing (when you come from a home where you’ve been the only feline for years and are suddenly placed in a situation where you are not, it has to be difficult).  Frankie is still adjusting to the lobby at this early stage, and that means frequent timeouts when he gets too wound up around other lobby dwellers (any comparisons to toddlers are probably accurate).

Because we are concerned that he might be bored, we have begun walking him on a harness leash, which he took to like a duck to water, as you can see in this video: Frankie on His Walk.

Spoiled? We don’t think so, but it’s very easy to lose your heart to this sweet boy. We’ll let you know how he does in the lobby.  Thank you so much for helping us look after this special boy.

Your correspondent,